We team up with a selection of leading technologies, to advise you on the best possible infrastructure to successfully capture, connect, analyze and amplify your data.

As Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, Programmads owns the highest level of expertise and Google platform certification. Our team of digital experts is certified for every product of the suite: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio, DV360, Campaign Manager, SA360 and studio. As an official reseller, we partner with Google to market the tools to agencies, brands or publishers by offering turnkey implementation processes and solutions.

Our team of experts helps you to understand the potential of the Amazon DSP by guiding you across the platform. Programmads is also specialized in the Amazon API itself and provides consultancy service on dynamic media optimization. Amazon DSP offers you the unique capacity to target high qualitative prospects based on buying intent signals and on Amazon Data segments.

In its mission to help amplify marketing through technologies, Programmads teamed up with Contentsquare that allows brands to improve their website and app user experience. On top of a classic web analytics solution and based on high-valuable reports such as session recording, mouse heat mapping, etc. Contentsquare looks at 1 to 1 journey and navigation in order to detect blocking factors that impact the navigation and so the conversion rate of your website. 

Programmads is an official Tealium Certified Agency Partner. As Customer Data Platforms are key to unifying and understanding customer journeys across various technologies and touch points, Programmads partners with Tealium to deploy customer centric projects in order to increase brand’s customer loyalty by delivering customized 1to1 communication across channels such as paid media, crm, sms, social, etc.

Connecting Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to your Analytics environment allows you to close the gap between your CRM profiling and customer loyalty strategies and your digital marketing. With various experiences connecting both environments, Programmads helps you to enrich your customer knowledge with website behaviours, share audience insights and profiles across platforms in order to address several key organizational projects such as Churn reduction, cross-sell, Online/Off-line measurement and media optimisation.

Among the 60+ tools and products that belong to the Google Cloud Platform, various solutions are capable of amplifying marketing processes such as Marketing Automation, Data normalization and activation, deep learning analysis, insights and analysis routine. Google “Cloud for marketing” is a set of technologies that offer faster, simpler and smarter solutions for enterprises to create delightful customer experiences from their data and Marketing Technology.

Observe point is as Data quality Assurance technology and Programmads is recognized as an Official Partner. As Data is the fuel of any marketing and advertising technology, Data Quality Assurance is a crucial part of a strong digital marketing infrastructure. Make sure that data is properly tracked and captured on any page of your website or app by having a data audit routine in place that alerts you in case of data loss, incorrect tag placement and issues with conversion tracking.

Dynamic banners, Marketing automation, automated bidding work only with a proper data feed management system. Such projects are common usage of the digital marketing stack, Programmads developed a strong expertise in data feed management in order to help agencies and brands to leverage their 1st party data into dynamic ads technologies.

As a technology agnostic company, the media team of Programmads has a strong expertise in Adform solutions (DSP & DMP) in order to help brands and agencies to improve their programmatic strategies within this platform. On top of innovative and top notch technical features such as DOOH media buying capabilities, Adform also represents a big opportunity for brands to communicate on specific verticals.

As a leading provider of Consent Management technology, Didomi builds solutions to help companies put their users in control of their personal data, in order to generate customer trust and to lay the groundwork for privacy-conscious growth. Programmads can help you future proof your Consent Management strategy using Didomi solutions.