ProgrammAds is an Official Doubleclick & GA360 Sales & Service Partner from full-service management to self-service access.

Solutions for Advertisers

Onboarding advanced Advertising technologies in house is a complex project that requires a detailed roadmap, strong processes between your teams and external partners like your agencies. The success of its integration is directly impacted by a rigorous approach that our consultant can develop with you.

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Solutions for Agencies

As an independent consulting company, Programmads helps agencies to increase their level of service and technical infrastructure.
We provide white label eco-systems with strong operational and strategic coaching in order to rapidly transfer our expertise.

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Programmatic Consultancy

Our team of Digital Experts can assist you in onboarding or implementing the Google 360 suite and the full Doubleclick Stack for your business. We also offer training/staffing and media buying audits.

Google Analytics 360 Expertise

As an official Google Service and Reseller Partner, Programmads assists companies at every level of integration & setup of the Google 360 suite. We cover the full stack with deep technical knowledge on the following products: Analytics 360, Attribution 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360, Audience Center 360.

Dynamic Creative

In the era of marketing automation, It’s crucial to build and connect the right data sources to your marketing tools & creatives. Our Doubleclick Studio consultants make it happen by managing and developing custom feeds and advanced Data Layers in order to dynamically include all the necessary data in your creatives for maximum impact.

Training & Staffing

As technical consultants with strong background in digital marketing, we provide training on various topics for different job profiles. We adapt the content and level of complexity on demand in order to maximise the transfer of expertise. Our ambition is to make your team autonomous while still being available for hands-on support, detachment and staffing.

Data & Audience Management

Our data scientist and IT specialists develop the connections with all your datasets in order to enrich your digital assets and make them actionable for dashboarding, audience building and DMP infrastructure.

Tracking & Attribution

Our Advertising Technology Experts and Developers implement advanced campaign tracking and trafficking via DCM, Tag Manager 360 or Tealium. This allows complex lead deduplication and attribution modelling to obtain a better marketing mix and media buying strategy.

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