Saving Media Cost via Advanced Tag Manager Setup (GTM)


The advertiser is a global provider of assistance & insurance services covering health, home and family life as well as travel.


The advertiser gave us the mission to finetune their eCommerce tracking via Google Analytics in order to get more detailed insights on their business.

We detected that the lead deduplication of a specific Affiliate was not set up yet. This affiliate was sending millions of emails with a cookie drop methodology while claiming every lead using the last-click model. We suggested implementing a proper tracking method via GTM in order to ensure that only “real” last click conversions would be counted.

The client decided to follow up on our initial analysis and advice and implemented the updated tracking with our guidance. As a result they saw that a lot of the previously attributed conversions weren’t in fact last click in Google Analytics. As affiliates send a lot of traffic, they were challenged to only sends a confirmed conversion once it’s last click.

The gain for the client was two-fold:

  1. Save money in order to re-invest it in other marketing activities
  2. Save time in the advertiser’s digital team in order to focus on growth and new projects

Technical Tool

Based on our advice, the client updated their traffic & tracking system of the affiliation partner in Google Analytics as well as the affiliate’s platform itself and they found that around 80% of the generated leads weren’t actually triggered on last click.

We assisted the advertiser with the creation of a customized last-click validation mechanic combined with a tracking tag for the affiliation system. This process consisted of 2 steps:

  1. Creating the tag in the GTM that creates a cookie holding the information of where the user came from.
  2. Deleting the affiliation tracking tag from the website and dropping it into the GTM to manage it based on the previously created cookie.

Results and Business Insights

While maintaining the same amount of clicks and impressions, the client managed to lower the costs for the affiliation program by 85,35% by reducing the falsely reported last-click conversion in the affiliate platform while still keeping the same amount of total conversions in the Google Analytics multi-channel report.

We recommend to apply this methodology to all suppliers that sell conversions in last click models or any other model for that matter.