From Awareness to Sales via the Doubleclick stack (DCM/DBM)


The advertiser is a player in the automotive market in Belgium who uses display campaigns to boost brand awareness & sales for their e-commerce.


The advertiser wanted a maximum ROAS for a campaign that combined new client acquisition and remarketing techniques. But since the client had a limited budget for acquisition, the campaign had to be optimised fully on every level also including impression frequency.

Technical Tool

The advertiser had the ambitious business objective of growing their revenue that year by 25% through a combination of online conversions combined with sales in their physical stores.

Based on historical campaigns, we established that remarketing was a key driver in generating revenue which made the client focus on getting new users to the website through the acquisition campaigns in order to grow their remarketing lists. Due to the budget constraints, a secondary goal was also to limit ‘waste’ impressions for branding activities on the target audience in order to maximize the ROAS.

In order to obtain the detailed results needed to optimize the frequency capping on the target audience, we assisted the client in developing a custom analysis via Doubleclick Campaign Manager. With this analysis we visualized the amount of impressions that were needed in order generate a click to the website. So, a custom channel grouping for impressions and clicks coming from branding campaigns was created while using the activity of the remarketing tag to detect website visits.

In a first campaign phase, we advised the client to target the ‘In-Market – Tires’ audience with a very high viewability and a more elevated frequency capping per user. This ensured that there was enough data to analyze with the newly created DCM Channel Grouping.

After the first campaign phase, we helped the client to analyse the results and concluded that 4 impressions was the optimal frequency, which had generated 79% of the total clicks for the campaign. However, since we had to compensate for non-viewable impressions the final capping was set at 5 impressions/user. Trying to obtain the remaining amount of clicks wouldn’t be cost-optimal based on the fact that they are buying via a CPM model and have a max ROAS goal.

After this analysis, the frequency cappings were adjusted accordingly for the next campaign phase as well as for future campaigns. This significantly increased cost-efficiency for branding campaigns while simultaneously helping to increase the size of the remarketing audience.

Results and Business Insights

  • The results of the campaign: Augmented CTR for the second prospecting phase by 60% and increased the remarketing ROAS for the second phase by 58%
  • The solution helped optimize costs and increased their revenue generated in phase 2
  • Remarketing in combination with optimized branding is now considered as “must have” for any activation campaign