Dynamic Website Optimisation via Google Optimize (GA360/GTM)


The client connects pet owners to pet-sitters on a hyperlocal market, is active in 19 countries worldwide and had a very ambitious business objective in terms of growth.


Their main challenge is managing worldwide digital marketing in a hyperlocal market, which in turn led the advertiser to a complicated Analytics setup. The business model of the advertiser is built on a community of active members. Therefore, the number of pet sitters and pet owners has to be well balanced in order for it to function optimally. At the start of our test, this was not the case as they had too much sitters compared to the amount of owners.

Moreover, Australia is a key-market. Unfortunately, this market wasn’t growing as expected. Therefore, we analysed the advertiser’s situation and identified a huge potential to increase their pet owner member base and drive revenue.

Technical Tool

The first step was to investigate the data in Analytics. After an analysis with Google Analytics, we discovered a huge potential to activate new users, more specifically pet owners as they were lacking in the website’s community, which could in turn be directly transformed into business results.

Then we developed a plan with the objective to ‘push’ subscriptions on the website so that afterwards, they have a better and larger user base to activate and turn into valuable business.

At the start of the test, the website wasn’t actively trying to gather new users, so after our advice the client decided to adapt the homepage via Google Optimize with a clearer call to action as well as a better highlighted button designed to attract the pet owners specifically.

With our help, the client implemented a modified version of the optimize container, as this is the best practice when Analytics is already ‘installed’ via GTM. This was done directly on site so that it could co-exist with the current Analytics implemented via the GTM. We also advised them to add the page hiding snippet to avoid any flicker effects.

  • As the homepage gets most of the traffic they focused on highlighting the call to actions by:
  • Adapting the first message the users see (more aggressive CTA)
  • Highlighting the register button
  • Adapting the sitter button to be less attractive to the eye (making it stand out less in the header), as they are not the current goal audience.

All of this was done through Google Optimize, eliminating the need to make permanent changes to the website.

Results and Business Insights

The first variant improved the conversion rate for the acquisition of Pet Owners in GA by 21,16%. This is a giant uplift as the advertiser is running a worldwide business.

With this test we have proven to the client that we can support their growth not only with media campaigns & insights but also with website optimization. Which, at the start was not even included in the scope of our collaboration.

The advertiser is convinced of the value of the tool, not only in conversion rate optimization but also in the support it can offer the IT department. This way, they don’t need to waste their time with the development of pages without knowing whether it will have a beneficial impact or not.