Conquering the world via Doubleclick Search (DS)


The advertiser is a large player in the air travel industry. The strategy of the company is to think digital first and to increase direct digital bookings. The strategy & tactic is conversion-oriented in a very price driven market.


Due to competition from low cost carriers, the margins are decreasing in the industry for short-haul flights. The advertiser, wanted to better position themselves in the buying funnel and create a channel preference for their direct channel. In that perspective, the company wants to capture a maximum of worldwide buying intentions online and deliver the right message to boost sales. The goal is to increase the share of intent.

The challenges were:

  • To boost the share of intent online and to capture a maximum of conversions and transform them into sales
  • To open Bing to enhance the reach of the search engine market
  • Cross Search Engine Campaign Management for budget optimization due to low margins and strict ROAS

Technical Tool

The advertiser was facing the challenge of audience coverage. As the existing AdWords account was beginning to reach a volume limit, they needed to open up to new channels in order to enlarge the reach. Therefore they chose to enhance the reach of the search campaigns via Bing, in order to optimize the overall ROI.

As the advertiser already had a really advanced AdWords account, they wanted to benefit from the obtained knowledge of AdWords within Bing. So we advised the advertiser to use DS to sync the AdWords accounts to Bing.

Once the accounts were set up, new bid strategies had to be put in place.
First the manual Bing CPC bidding was used, and once enough information was gathered we developed new bid strategies in order to enhance performance and reach the KPI (ROAS) of the Bing campaigns.

The DDA conversion attribution model was applied for generic campaigns; with a target ROAS for 3000%, and FL Transaction conversion was used as well as a keyword & other biddable item optimization; remarketing target bid adjustments; location target bid adjustments.
We also helped the advertiser with the implementation of Sequential Automated Rules for their KWs in DS. These rules were applied to all the different search engines allowing them to automatically strike out non performing keywords. SetLabel is one of the automated rules they used to apply labels to KW/Adgroup/Campaign to better understand the campaigns as those labels are useful for the organization of the accounts and make optimization way more complete.

Results and Business Insights

The Bing campaigns helped to:

  • increase the reach
  • Increase the revenue

The advertiser increased the direct sales and amount of new customers by addressing a new inventory. They successfully increased their share of intents and were able to convert them into sales. This strategy helped them to position their website as a preferred channel for booking.